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German Market - Birmingham


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Theres talk of it not being here next year. This year there have been 2 raids (armed robberies) at closing and numerous pick pocketing.

Im not a fan of the German Market as i have to walk through it about 4 times a day as i work right next to it. But respect that there are people that do like it. Why do people have to do things that ruin everybody elses fun. I think the german market is a great thing for birmingham. Its just a shame that it could be wrecked for next year and the for seeable future.


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Didn't know about the crime issues but I was only saying the other day that its become rather tired. I think it's just the same every time. I still tell people who have never been to visit but I'm bored with it now.


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It's had to shut until further notice apparently - I'm assuming because of the weather?

I cant see it stopping for good anytime soon though, if ever. I was driving (well crawling) down Great Charles Street the other night and there was coaches parked up from all over the country.

Birmingham has shot up the league table of tourist destinations in Europe on the back of it's xmas shopping trade, including this now huge market.

A local councillor was in the press saying that town is absolutely thronging and plans are to look at the market next year and probably spread it more, furhter up broad street and emcompassing St Phillips Place, High Street, Union Street and even down to Moor Street and Eastside, in order to not only spread the gathering of people but also to grow the market even further. it will literally fill all of towns nooks and crannies, spreading like ivy.

Apparently the bridge from paradise forum to centenary square actually clogged to a complete standstill on Saturday and people were flooding down to the 5 lane inner ring road and walking between traffic, with wheelchairs and pushchairs even to get out of the chaos - it was total carnage.

Whilst I agree it needs looking at, and some better planning needs to be done. It would be bonkers to stop the market, and it simply wont happen. It's a massive money spinner for the council and the city generally.

Closing it would be like Man Utd deciding not to expand but instead leaving Old Trafford to go and play at Gigg Lane.


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Too bloody cold down there now the baggy fans were singing you should have stayed down the market when they were 2-0 up lol.


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We are doing our traditional Christmas trek this weekend to Lincoln for the Christmas market, which we have always done with my Brother's and whose available of their families too. Fortunately my Brothers are taking us all up the hill in the cars. Couldn't do that walk up Lincoln hill to the Christmas market anymore.

Not B'ham I know but that is the nearest we will get. Going to be flipin cold and very busy. Can't say I over enjoy it however it is time with my Brothers and has they are alot older than me, every minute was precious


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Done the German market in Manchester last week and it was brilliant, place was buzzing and it was spotless.

Did the German market in Leeds on Monday, what a shit hole.....
Best place for that market is Berlin...