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George Groves vs Carl Froch


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I watched the fight and was very impressed with George Groves. I think he has everything needed to be a champion in the future, he should really have been the Champion after tonight but the ref made a very bad decision (in my opinion of course) and stopped the fight. Up until then he had dealt with everything Froch had thrown, and given him a pasting in the early rounds. Maybe Froch would have knocked him out but i think Groves could have tied up and held until he regained his composure.

He certainly did himself proud.

Froch on the other hand lost my respect, he wouldn't shake hands with George after the fight and didn't show him the respect he had earned by flooring Carl Froch in round 1 and beating him up for most of the fight. He was cocky and the crowd reacted badly to his comments at the end.

All in all it was a really good fight!

Anyone else see it? What are your thoughts?



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Glad you put this up Sherlock was going to do it myself.Well what can you say absolutely fantastic both men can be extremely proud of themselves and Groves certainly didn't lose anything in defeat he will go on to be world champ for sure.Should the ref have stopped it I didn't think so at the time but Groves didn't complain much about it after so you would have to give him the benefit of the doubt.Suppose i'm just being selfish in not wanting the fight to end.If it had of carried on it would have been close because Froch of who i'm a massive fan of was beginning to turn the screw but I did feel for Groves but every cloud and all that Groves will provide us with great entertainment when Froch hangs up his gloves.


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I didn't rate Groves as a world class fighter before that fight, but I certainly do now. Still pissed off this morning because of the decision!


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Yeah, before the fight i cockily said to my friends "Froch is on a different level to Groves". How wrong I was!

George stalked him around the ring like an animal, but true to Carls style he came into his own later in the fight and he throws some seriously heavy haymakers.

Best fight between 2 Brits in a long time!


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Yeah superb fight I have just watched it again and fair play to Froch he took some big shots and lots of them think Froch was a little disrespectful but I always think it's too early to interview straight after the fight especially one like that as the body must still be pumping testosterone like mad.I think the crowds reaction said it all to me booed Groves in cheered him out and fully deserved.


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I am a Froch fan, but feel a bit cheated this morning.

I watched it, and the stoppage was definately 15 seconds too early. Granted, if it had carried on , stop it then, but he hit him with three shots and gave Groves no chance to respond in any way, whether that be by holding, by fighting back, or by even going down for an 8 count - it was a farcical stoppage.


What worried me more was the scorecards. How on earth did two judges have one round in it. Christ, I wanted Froch to paste him, but even I'll accept that (given the 2 point 1st round) Groves was 6 rounds up by that point.

The Hearn stable also looked after Eubank, who also had points decisions that was non-sensicle and I therefore have it in my mind that it was fixed last night, which doesn't sit kindly with me at all.

All in all, for 9 rounds and 1/2 mins that was one of the best british fights in about 30 yrs, it was totally spoiled. I wanted Froch to win, i am glad he did, but I wanted him to win , not be handed it.

I think away from the cameras Froch knows that, and I think thats what all the post fight antics were about. He was embarrassed, he knew what had just gone on.

I also have to say, between rounds, Froch looked phsyically scared in the corner.


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Felt exactly the same myself holte and totally agree with everything you say about the fight however can't agree that it was a fix Groves certainly wasn't screaming the place down.After watching it again Groves was hurt no doubt about it however he should have been given the chance to take a count.Probably a little bit of inexperience on Groves part that he didn't go down on one knee but bring on the rematch I say.


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Froch was hurt alot more throughout that fight than Groves was at the stoppage.
Really poor from the referee.

I gave Groves more of a chance than most, but still predicted a Froch stoppage win in 8/9 - no way in the world i would have thought Groves could actually get a knock down and dominate so much for the majority of the fight, though. Very biased decision in my opinion - gutted for George


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SherlockGT - 24/11/2013 12:39

Can the ref not give a standing 8 count instead of stopping the fight?
not in the pro's - only time a standing count can be given is if the fighter is being held up by the ropes rather than being knocked to the canvas

On the night i had Groves winning the rounds 6-2 & have watched it back again twice now and come up with the same score - there's even a case for 7-1 to Groves! He bullied Froch, outfought and outclassed him


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I still cant believe it myself!

People trying to knock each other unconcious in the name of sport. And they say we have evolved?



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villawill - 29/11/2013 11:00

Looks like Froch isn't up for the rematch....
I got that feeling when they interviewed him the next day where he was saying he would fight anyone if it was in his interests then he added that maybe Groves wouldn't fancy it.Shame but I would have to say I don't blame him.


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I'm fast losing respect for Froch he is showing Groves no respect by saying he can't cut it at world level well I'm sorry Carl but George Groves was the moral victor.


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Groves battered Carl for the vast majority of that fight - i even think he was winning that 9th round until Froch put a few punches together, that's the reason he won't fight him again - he knows George has the beating of him

And to say he doesn't want to 'go over old ground'....errrrrrr then what would a Ward rematch be?? Ward comprehensively beat Carl - no ifs or buts, he beat him easily and he would do again. I don't think there'd be a great deal of interest from the public in him fighting Ward again, either - and definitely not with Chavez Jr (LOL at him even mentioning that!)


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Yeah not doing himself any favours is he.For me go and fight Ward but don't show Groves disrespect because he don't deserve it because for me he will be a great champion one day.