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General politics thread:

Maybe I am wrong, but I thought poppies were to commemorate all the dead people who had served.
The IRA fired their revolvers in public at their funerals.
Why shouldn't I wear a poppy?


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I totally agree: some wars (many) are political, but I contend that that WW2 was a profound act of humanity on the part of the Allies.
Were we to suffer under the yoke of Naziism, there would, sadly, have been no black people in this country to share our culture, and hospitality, and the Jewish race would have been obliterated.
Wearing a poppy is akin to putting flowers on your mother's grave.
An act of remembrance pure and simple.
Whomsoever decided that it is political is a fecking eejit.
This is the same thing as the knee,,, As I said before, there is likely no gesture and probabaly few words that somewhere in the world at a certain point in time would have been a symbol of oppression or negativity. But we don;t live in the past and you have to take things for thier intent, not some hidden meaning. Funnily enough I have always wondered if the Hitler moustache will ever ever ever come back , it was kinda popular previously.
The poppy isnt political at all, unless one makes it so, nor is the knee, nor is anything. At the very same time, EVERYTHING is political, anything to do with social things, people, humanity, equality, religion. You just have to make them political


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Instead of any symbol or gesture they should play a clip of Michael Holding reading his book about his life. Take anything ambiguous out of it and just let people be effected by someones life.
GB News will launch on Sunday 13 June at 8pm on Sky on channel 515, Freeview channel 236 and Virgin Media channel 626.
I will give it a go, just to get another viewpoint on matters.
BBC and Sky news seem to have their own agendas, so it might prove to be a refreshing change.

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Anyone who doesn't know the history of Rhodes (especially by now) should be nowhere near such a great seat of learning.
It would be a plaque of shame to placate the wokes and endow a shallow sense of superiority to those who wish it be so.
This Rhodes debate presents an interesting dichotomy:

Rhodes did everything within his powers to show that the English were the master race, and you doing everything within your powers to show they are not.

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Once again we are confronted with the basic problems of institutional organisations such as the met police. They are more concerned with their own PR and their reputation than they are with enforcing the law.
The police should stop worrying about how they look and get on with their jobs. How many lawyers and PR people did they employ to block this investigation? How much public money was wasted to save their shame and embarrassment at the institutional corruption responsible for allowing this murder to go unpunished?