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Well looks like all the haapy clappers are happy again. Off they pop to shout at a shop before heading off to watch Shite Direct United at the Shite Direct Arena. Happily sitting in silence while taking selfies to post on social media.

Then wanking over a striker who managed to score 7 goals in Bundesliga thinking because he cost £40m then that means he will bang them in.

The Arsenal game was is written off because it was Arsenal even if it was only 1-0 to Arsenal reserves. It's ok cos Norwich next 6-0 and an easy 3 points, Joelinton gets 3, Almiron 1, St Maximum 1 and on comes Andy Carroll for the last 15 mins and nods in no 6 from a Matt Ritchie corner.

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You always give a new Manager time but you expect some semblance of hope to be shown on the pitch.
Yesterday's display was embarrassing, no leadership and far harder games upcoming. It's lose lose lose throughout the club teams.
Defence was awful and forwards or forward having no impact.


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He's admitted he didn't play Longstaff today because he was coming back from injury yet played him last week with no midfielder on the bench!!!

This is going to be a great season as Charnleys 'top 3 choice' leads us into the abyss.

Newcastle's value is sinking quicker than the SD share price. Justin Barnes will be dusting off the 'takeover talks' manual as we speak.


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Any premier league job

I know you're not known for your intelligence and catching onto things (namely Ashley and Newcastle) but surely you're not that thick
A bit rich from someone who had to delete his own post in this thread because it made you look a tit

You're coming across as quite desperate to score some points here - it's a pity you can't see how daft it's making you look
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Out of interest Rza....

Whats your history when it comes to supporting NUFC?

I can't recall ever reading about any of your matchday experiences

When did you first start going to the matches?

How long did you have a season ticket for?

What was your tipping point?