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spotted this on the mail page and came up with me being a quality seeker which is fair enough and quite true ....
LOL. I'm Tech Rich - who would have guessed it!!!! This is their description (correct apart from the Tweeting bit):-

I have a passionate interest in technology and love buying the latest devices. I’m happy to be considered a geek and enjoy showing off my new gadgets. I feel reliant on technology – it’s integral to all aspects of my life.

I thoroughly research products before I buy, so I know exactly what I am getting. I’m also happy to spend more money for quality. I often tweet about products once I’ve had a play around with them. My friends and family always come to me for advice about technology as I know a lot about it.

I enjoy reading newsbrands online – and look at a broad range of titles – as well as reading quality print newspapers.

Defining characteristics

Affluent high spenders with the highest levels of tech ownership across a wide range of devices
Account for over a third of all technology spend in the UK
40% are women and 70% are over 35
Own 11 devices on average
55% buy technology online


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It had me down for being a Social Media Mentalist. Apparently, I'd lose my mind if I lost my phone.

I hardly ever answer the bloody thing.


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Tech rich like heathfield. Agrees though I am not into tweeting etc either, though we do own alot of technology in this house


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Load of old kack.

I'm going to rant now (this probably belongs in different thread). I hate 'questionnaires' that say crap like 'take our test to find out who you really are'. F*ck off. I know who I am and don't need a laughably basic question set to define me. I hate this almost as much as 'experts' on TV:

Twat 1. "And as today is the Queen's birthday, we're talking to our Royal Expert. So, good morning Sycophantia, welcome back to the couch. What might the Queen be doing on her birthday?"

Twat 2. "Good morning Demerara. Thanks for having me back. Well as this is a special day for Her Majesty I imagine she might wake up first. Then she might have a shower. Then she might read the newspapers over breakfast (possibly eggs benedict), an then she might take the corgis for a special birthday walk."

Me shouting at the Telly. "Or she might not. But you'll never know because you'll never EVER be in the same room as her, you f*cking glorified stalker".

The same goes for The Wimbledon expert who said we should take plenty of sunscreen in case it's sunny and also an umbrella in case it's not.

There. I said it.