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Gays On The Team?


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Some American sports dude has come out to much applause from the media. There have been a lot of jokes about him checking out his team in the showers and that. Bill Burr joked that he should have to pay since straight dudes have to pay to hang out with a team of naked women.

I know a lot of the guys on my football team wouldn't be happy to have a gay in the changing room with them. Would you?


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When I was doing my bit for Her Majesty there was a guy who called himself Foo Foo so you don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to work out what sexuality he was.Everytime I went for a shower he would appear and it did freak me out at first and I ended having words with him in fact I threatened him and he made it plain that he fancied me.Thing was though he was quite a good laugh and he could get anything you wanted so we didn't fall out for long on the understanding he didn't follow me to the shower which he didn't.Mind you it did cost me a brand new bar soap you see I dropped it and there was no way I was gonna pick the fucker up.


LOL gator PMSL, I think these days as long as nobody bothers me or whatever they are i don't think its for me to judge what someone should or should not do in life,

Mike is right i have played for footie teams pre pot belly days and i may have shared showers after games with a gay person, nobody ever bothered me so i wouldn't have been none the wiser anyway, i think these days we are all a bit too nosy in other peoples buisness and we should concentrate on our own things imo


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HAHA he was a funny bugger Clive but the whole experience did help me to be more relaxed towards gays I think people have phobias because they are frightened but what of is the question.


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Ahh but you could also say you might be scared because you think you might actually enjoy it though Skegg


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Couple of lads I've played cricket with and against came out. One went on to play for England. Both good blokes. Just cause they love the cock doesn't make them any different.


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Tell you what, the antics of some of the lads I had in football teams I played in and managed over the years, I doubt even the bandits would partake in.

Last season, three of them came back into the changing rooms pissing themselves laughing because one of the lads (the captain and 36 years of age) had stood and taken a piss all over one of the younger lads while he was having a shower, and he hadnt realised for quite some time that it was happening.

Lathering each other up and joking about was par for the course. I suspect other teams, other sports and things like the army are ten times worse aswell.