Full forum features


Alert Team
Just a post to let you know about the forum features, just in case you don't about some of them or don't know how to use them...

New Threads

You can check the latest updated forum threads by simply logging in and clicking New Threads at the top left.


The calendar now has the remaining fixtures of the season as well as other important swansea related events.

Private Messenging

You can send a private message to any forum member. To do this, either click PM in a user's post or choose to send a private message in a member's profile.


Match photos of Swansea home games are posted in the Albums feature on the forum which you can access by clicking albums at the top. You can also submit comments on any photo in the galleries.

Profile details

You can change your profile to tell other members about yourself such as your hobbies and interests. Many other options are also provided such as how you view the forum, email notifications, avatar etc.


If you would like to report a post that doesn't meet the Forum Rules then click the alert button at the top of the message and we will assess and delete it if it breaks the rules.


You would like to see posts relating to a particular subject then you can use the search facility, the link is at the top right.


You can attach a file to your messages by clicking the "Attach a file after posting" box when posting a message. You can then upload a file from your computer that you would like to share with other members. Instead of using the quick reply box, clicking the reply button to attach a file.


Our news articles appear on newsnow and google news and therefore they are viewed a lot more than the forum. Therefore, if you would like even more people to read your comments you can post them at the end of articles. You could just copy and paste your comments from the forum!