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French revolt...


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taylor would probably be a better option than cabaye, more of a leader on the pitch (even if his shouting at team mates may be hypocritical). Pardew probably makes his decisions based on what the fans don't say, much like the consecutive managers who've rated shola


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Cabaye was made captain because he was seen as the catalyst for the french players in the squad , unfortunately no-one took into account what a spoilt , petulant, sulky fucker he can be if things don't go his way so its backfired spectacularly


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st-pedros-basin - 30/4/2013 10:09

Pardew is so shit he can't even pick a captain.
I mean where is the logic in picking Cabeye, or Jonas for that matter
There isn't a captain left in that team, save for Colo. I don't know what Sissoko's personality is like, but there's a reason Ferguson makes sure he has players with drive and spirit in his team.

We have none.


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Fùcking hell, Tiote!

Why the hell isn't he captain? Why isn't he strutting round the pitch like he owns it, directing play, tackling by example and pushing players forward? He's got the drive and the ability, but he's an absolute shadow of the player he was when he first came.

It shows justhow far his stock has fallen that I hadn't even considered him.

What the hell has become of this group of players? It's some achievement to get down to this level.

Paul Kannell

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Love the below description of Pardew in the comments

never liked pardrew and the way he carried on last year. no humility. even with the success keegan and robson enjoyed, they remained down to earth. even in all his yrs of success SAF didnt come out with the kind of nonsense that pardrew was sprouting last year like he had arrived. giving it large like he had acheived something... telling other managers to wipe their nose and move on..... no class and i for one have no sympathy for pardrew.


The Owl

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Pardew has just said words dont win matches. The clown should shut up then.
As for the players, Tiote is finished as are Gutierrez (knackered), Cabaye (petulant), Ameobi (a joke) and many others.
As for relying on Colo, could do with a performance but how fit is he, I have my doubts, Ben Arfa is too busy eating the pastries.
How are Pardew and his so called coaches going to sort it out on the training ground when they have failed miserably to do so all season.


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short answer owl is that they more than likely won't sort it out. Pardew will just wing it through the last three games in the hope we fluke sufficient points to stay up (or that wigan get sufficiently few)


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If we do stay up, I reckon he'll do a Phil Brown end of season style rendition of "I did it my way" on the pitch afterwards.


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First and foremost, I hope we survive. But that is when the fun starts - a manager not good enough and players not playing for him, themsleves nor the club. The irony of some of these "purpples" going off to ply their trade at better clubs this summer is laughable - given what they have served up this season, i would not take a punt on any of them, with or without Pardew as manager.


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I forsee more dischord on its way if pardew stays. Regardless of what they've served up this season, Ashley will still want top whack for these players, but clubs won't pay it because they've not been at their best, so bids will get turned down, thus we end up keeping unhappy players and it just builds up. I'm willing to hazard a guess that IF we survive and pardew STAYS, relegation beckons next season.