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taffontyne - 30/4/2013 00:09

Well that's at least 2 papers going with the story - something needs lancing on Tuesday otherwise we will certainly go down.
I make it Independent, Star, Mirror, Telegraph plus a few other sites so far and growing by the minute


Vital 1st Team Regular
Reading between the lines of STaylors piece in the Chron, this could be true, as he warns his Newcastle team mates they will 'crumble' unless they stick together as one.
At least he has come out and spoken up, have'nt seen any of the others doing the same.
Surely we'll get something happening today, even a denial by Cabaye or someone. Anything to stop this spiraling out of control.

They can't put their heads in the sand on this because there's a £60 million purse at stake here.


Vital 1st Team Regular
I'm not sure I even understand the story or if I do, it's a non story. He's basically saying that Cabaye has been whingeing to his mates? Why is that even in a newspaper never mind being repeated by others? Whingeing about what?


Vital 1st Team Regular
Don't strictly believe that. Very easy story to write, particularly as it fits an agenda. The French influence was always going to be blamed when we lost.

There may be discontent in the squad, but I imagine that'll be down to tactics rather than any splits between players.


Vital 1st Team Regular
Or alternatively know more about football than our manager does? They could actually speak to each other since he's the fucking captain and agree what's going wrong between them. Or are they both too pig headed?


Vital Football Hero
They point out the return of colo to the side might help as he commands the respect of all the players... hope they're right, otherwise our only chance is wigan not picking up the points they need (or villa's drubbing of the filth turning out to be a fluke and they get humped in their last three games)

Sir Laz

Vital Football Hero
st-pedros-basin - 30/4/2013 08:17

Fuckin french. I said the day Bassong left I'd be happy if I never saw another one enter our gates. They're fuckin poison man.
You and me both Pedro,no time for the fucks,some were spunking it on here at end of january,I was cringing.We need germans in the side,they fight all the way against all odds.


Vital 1st Team Regular
If Cabaye wants to move then relegation is his best bet as hes more likely to get sold in a firesale than by attracting a large bid on current form, as captain hes been dreadful.


Vital Reserves Team
Cabaye is no captain , wev'e tried it and been proved shite , we did the same with Barton , these players just need to focus on playing and concentrate on the game not org anise or motivate a team.

some people are born to lead some ar'nt, he aint ... hopefully if colo comes back he can be set free to do what he's good at

if not then we are fucked