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Frankie Boyle


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Just watching his live show on Netflix and I can't decide if he is funny or just a Scottish Chubby Brown for students? Is being offensive funny?


I luv Frankie but mainly on Mock the week used to crack me up, but stand up i turned him off tbh when i watched him on channel 4.


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What I found strange is he was attacking other comedians and their style of comedy when his one trick is the sick joke. From an artistic point of view he isn't exactly Stuart Lee or Eddie Izzard. He is funny because he shocks with sick jokes.


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i love frankie boyle, lets face it, he is only saying what most people are thinking half the time and havent got the bollocks to say it. Went to see him in wolverhampton and thought he was brilliant.

If people are offended by him then why would they watch him?
Is being offensive funny? Yeah I think so. But it's more the reaction it gets from the overly sensitive types that I find funniest of all.

I agree, he's not on the same planet as people like Eddie Izzard who is genuinely clever and brilliant, but I think offensive comedians have something to offer too.
The Fear - 22/1/2014 10:15

I liked Boyle on Mock The Week, but his own show was pants!
Correction. His own show was 99% pants apart from the George Michael Road Safety video which genuinely made me cry with laughter first time I saw it.
Sorry couldn't find it on youtube to embed -


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blackwood_villa - 22/1/2014 11:38

I used to really like him but he's just become quite boring. He was genius on the mock the week but now he just seems to be passed his shelf life
he has finished stand up now mate.
Yes not saying I didn't laugh at the show, there were funny bits. Just think it is a bit rich for him to slag other comedians when he is a one trick pony himself.


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I don't get offended by his crap jokes, he's made a living out of just being an offensive nob, probably would have gone down a storm in the 80's, but personally I prefer some clever humour - Bill Bailey - Sean Lock I like, personal preference ain't it.


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I dont find Frankie Boyle offensive, funny or talented.

Frank Skinner did the look in the back of a spoon gag about 10 years ago when talking about Barry Manilow, it was a miniscule comment as part of a much bigger joke, and it wasnt directed to be offensive in anyway. Frankie Boyle stole the joke, used it solitarily and aimed it at Rebecca Adlington with the sole purpose of offending her and getting the shock reaction laugh and as a publicity stunt. Just like he did when talking about Katie Price and Dwight Yorkes son. Some people migth find that funny, but it's hardly clever, witty, well-written comedy is it?
I tried to watch his stand up but found it so boring - he seemed to go on endlessly about Susan Boyle? His autobiography is quite interesting though - like so many 'comedians' he is evidently suffering with depression and other mental instabilities, hence his struggles with alcohol. I think he's had his 15 minutes of fame.


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I like him. He is a Socialist.

When I was briefly on Twitter, Boyle was the funniest thing on there by far, and he always talks a lot of sense on interviews. Never seen his comedy act.

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Saurat - 22/1/2014 15:32

I like him. He is a Socialist.

When I was briefly on Twitter, Boyle was the funniest thing on there by far, and he always talks a lot of sense on interviews. Never seen his comedy act.
I saw an interview with him where he said he would like Scotland to be a socialist utopia. Doesn't sound like a sensible thing to say to me.