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Frank Worthington RIP


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This seems to be a recurring pattern lately of top players from my earlier days passing away. Obviously we have had the recent sad news regarding Glenn Roeder and Peter Lorimor.

Frank Worthington tho was a real character, a true maverick and gifted genius.

A star player from a long gone and better age for the game, who was exactly the kind of character that could draw a 7 year old (as I was when I went to my first game in ‘73) into the game - hook line and sinker. To me, it wasn’t relevant that he didn’t play for Newcastle- though I wished he did.

It is somewhat poignant that in the memory games on NUFC. com today it refers to a 1-1 draw with Leicester on this day in 1974. This was the game I first saw Worthington in the flesh. He, of course, was a rival to MacDonald for an England place - which meant he was in for some stick. The Leazes End didn’t disappoint - giving a thunderous “Oh wanky, wanky!! Wanky, wanky, wanky wanky-Worthington!!” Rather than shrink and skulk away, he just stood in the centre circle, hands on hips, laughing before raising his hands twiddling his index fingers to conduct the choir. Everyone laughed and he got a round of applause. How to deal with hecklers, eh? I will never ever forget that as long as I live. Class act.

Sad day. RIP


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We played Leeds in a cup match which went into extra time. Like you say Finn he was getting the same abuse and chants as he always did. He scored to put Leeds in front and a couple of minutes later he was 'conducting' the Leazes end as the song started again and the game was still going on. One of the characters of the game, he liked a drink and may have signed for Liverpool but his blood pressure was high and he failed the medical. This was probably due to a heavy session the night before the medical.


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Frank Worthington I'm certain drank heartily from the big cup of life may we all be so lucky.
By the way the story on Merseyside was always that Frank failed his medical because he had the clap.