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Frank Jesper

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Making all the right noises in his interview with the Hartlepool Mail, wanting to reconnect the Club with the community, etc etc
However, if he truly wishes to improve the Club's circumstances then he needs to provide Challinor with a budget sufficient to build a strong squad. As a first step a review of the ticket pricing structure is overdue, the current season ticket price discount (£250) is far too generous and is exacerbated further by the concessions discount.
It is no coincidence that the Club's fortunes have been in decline since the introduction of these discounted ticket prices in the Centenary season!

Old Poolie

Vital Reserves Team
No doubt I'm talking to myself, but nevertheless I must congratulate Frank Jesper on grasping the nettle of ticket pricing for next season.

And, as one of those affected by the change to concession pricing, state my intent to be in the forefront of applications for the coming season. With a decent budget I'm sure we can mount a serious assault on the promotion / playoffs
Personally think we are an attractive proposition in this league, decent fanbase, good playing surface, decent footballers and a very good manager.

Once we get this Covid business out of the way think we may be in for a [footballing] good time :red:
Agreed, at NL level Pools are an attractive proposition. I just worry about having another shyster getting control of the club, just as the burden from the last disastrous episode has been shed as a result of Raj's diligence.