Would anyone else rather the news forum was secondary to the chat? Took me a while to find u and I have usually already read the news on GWL. Just worried others won't notice the fan forum.
Yes, I agree with Roman Bee. It has taken me some time to consistently find the Forum.

It is the comments of others that are probably the more telling and interesting.

Taking up a post by CB, from some weeks ago, about travel to 'northern' clubs with journeys across spooky unlit areas reminds me of a story told by an uncle, who was a sometime Vice-President of the Bees Supporters Club.

He had been a Met Policeman - no booing at the back, please! - including during the Second World War.

The Met Police had always been responsible for policing all Naval Dockyards throughout the UK, recruiting staff locally. At the end of the War it was decided that the Met would not have the overall responsibility and outside London Met police were moved to the London area.

A Scotsman was posted to my uncle's station and soon made it known that he was not used to, and did not like, patrolling dark areas, since his dockyard had been lit, albeit with subdued lighting.

His beat in the Brentford area included some unlit lanes and allotments.

One night one of the original London policeman hid in an unlit area and waited for the Scot to pass in the dark, whereupon this fellow officer leapt out from behind a hedge with a white sheet over him. The Scot was never seen or heard from again!