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I wrote this a while back but decided to post it on the new forum:

I know this isn’t a strict or formal message board but I thought it would be best to write up a few rules about no spam, txt chat, advertising as we get this regularly and hopefully we can get rid of it!

No Txt Chat!
Please no txt chat! Many of us don’t understand it so please post your messages in English!

SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM, Lovely SPAM! No not here it isn’t! Please don’t post one word replies or simply a few smilies as your reply as this counts as SPAM.

No Abuse
Please do not offend any race, religion or any member. Personal abuse won’t be tolerated and a warning will be issued.

No Advertising
Advertising your website is also not permitted. It costs to advertise on the VitalFootball network so please get in contact with them if you wish to advertise.

Visitors of all ages
Visitors of all ages visit this site from as young as 10 so please take this into account when posting your messages. Word filters should * out bad language but keep an eye if they don’t.

Signatures are allowed but keep them to 400x100 pixels so they don’t slow down the forum too much.

Post in the correct Forum
Please keep new topics into their correct forums; this saves the moderators doing extra jobs!

The new network posts a new topic in the forum for every article posted, please post comments on the article subject in these posts rather than opening a new topic. You can also post your comments at the bottom of the article page.

Don’t change the subject
Keep with the same subject as the topic, if you want to chat about something different, please make a new topic in the appropriate forum.

Do Not paste in articles
Please do not copy and paste in full articles from the Western Mail and Evening Post. It appears they don't like this on message forums so please place a link to the article instead.

Points System
It's come to our attention that some members are spamming the article comments feature. Please post individual comments for articles, you can chat and discuss the topics with fans in the forum.

Points are awarded for article comments, forum posts and poll votes, you get more points by balancing these out across the 3 rather than just posting comments for example.

Comments regarded as spam will be removed.


Vital Youth Team
SPAM SPAM SPAM SPAM, Lovely SPAM! No not here it isn’t! Please don’t post one word replies or simply a few smilies as your reply as this counts as SPAM.

Oh Well - that`s Monty Python out ..:cool:

Jimmy Mc


Vital Reserves Team
KevinE - 22/7/2006 17:22

Well, not compared to some sites on VF!
Aswell as what I've just seen on the JA Message Boars. Half a page on a guy going to bed soon. Doing a good job keeping VF Swansea Spam Free there Kev


Alert Team
I also can't believe how quiet the off-topic board is. Good to see the majority of discussions are Swansea related! Hope it stays that way.
Kevin Hi.

A Help Section would be a great help to use this site. Some of us are not computer literate but can just get by. I tried to place a reply this morning, was asked for a 'name' after submitting the reply and the article disappeared into the site somewhere. the same would apply to a Post.
Some guidelines would help a lot.