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Forest Vs Barnsley match Fred sponsored by RJB mining


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So the weather is shit, the lockdown is shit, the economy is in the toilet so to cheer everyone up there’s a game against Barnsley the word shit tip seems offensive to both shit & tips.

Barnsley is a truly horrible place & if you think the people of Nottingham are thick, wait till you meet the average Barnsley resident, uneducated, inbred, unemployed, perpetual victim. It’s no wonder they voted so overwhelmingly for Brexit.

Over time we’ve won 31, lost 33 & drawn 22. Back in 1957 as ORF was settling down to retirement we did beat them 7-1.

Famous people from Barnsley are Michael Parkinson out of chat shows, Dickie Bird out of cricket umpiring, Arthur Scargill out of not going to work & pocketing other people’s money & Mark Crossley out of goalkeeping.

We’ll lose as we are as shit as the weather

Old Red Fart

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Good one Woanz. I didn't know that Dickie Bird came from Barnsley, he'd be the bloke I'd enjoy talking with.

I feel a bit more optimistic than you about this game, wouldn't be surprised if we get something out of it.

seasider red

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He's back ! Mckenna injured so Figuredo is back, Oh dear, the back 4 + Goalkeeper fills you with dread as 3/4 or 4/5 of them if you count the GK are mistakes waiting to happen

mr ron

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Just can't get my head around why he's put Fig back in ahead of Soh, he's just had possibly his worst game for us on the back on many bad games and he's still picked. Rest looks ok but I cant help feel fig will hand them a goal and then we are screwed.

Pope John XXIII

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Fig should never play for this club again

Hughton loses my support every time he makes that mistake.

No one who has let us down as often and as badly as Fig has should be considered for selection.

He must have cost us 8-10 points already

seasider red

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It does make you wonder how many mistakes you have to make or how many goals against you are responsible for before you lose the confidence of the manager surely Mbe Soh should be in front of Figuredo in the pecking order


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Partick manager John Lambie's response to being told that the striker Colin McGlashan was concussed and didn't know who he was: "Tell him he's Pele and get him back on."

Could CH arrange something like that for Figs? No concussion obvs with current concern about it, but maybe hypnotise him and tell him he's Des Walker?

mr ron

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When people suggest CH is looking to get sacked I can see what they are getting at when he keeps picking players who are handing the opposition the game consistently, part of the reason we are flirting with the bottom 3 is we gift goals pretty much every game but still he keeps picking players like fig when there's a better option. The rest of the side looks fine, just hope fig doesn't carry on from last week.


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Figuereido played very well for Forest last season. Players do not suddenly lose all of their ability, and their form must be related to confidence. At one point does it become appropriate to decide someone is useless and should never play again when they have demonstrated that they can play well in the past? Surely if this happens too decisively, that simply destroys the player's value.