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Football manager games


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Football manager games....

So i signed up for a couple of online games and they are all shit.
The reason they are shit is because I pick the team, sort the tactics, get the oranges ready etc and then play a match.

then the next match is in 24 hours time.

This is shite.

Does anyone know of a football manager game that is just like champ man or FM that I can just play and not have to wait to play the next game.

and before you smug mothers tell me to install FM or champ man, no - Im looking for an online one that doesnt require an install on my work laptop.

Yes, Im at work, looking to play football manager games, bite me.



Vital Football Legend
It's just typical of you to have to be different! Why can't you just play candy crush like the rest of the population?


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Football Guv'nor is ok.

Nothing has ever replicated those original championship manager games - the first couple were perfection.


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Seriously, I still get as much enjoyment out of playing THE ORIGINAL on the Spectrum than any Fifa or similar game.

Download a Spectrum simulator and you can have hours (or days for FM) of fun reliving your youth.

Buying Brian Robson and Dave Watson for 5000 quid , spending 10 hours trying to get promoted only to concede a last minute goal to Lincoln City to stop you, meaning you've just wasted an entire day.

Happy days !!!!

The Fear

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I don't do games, not a gamer, but have often thought there is a decent market out there for some proper online football games.

There was a third world (is that the right term for the online world games?) we met with years ago but couldn't come to an agreement how to integrate it properly, they'd spent tonnes of money, had a whole room full of developers. Not seen much about it though, all well and good setting them up but if they won't pay networks like this to advertise them.......