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Football During Coronavirus Crisis


Vital Squad Member
We should be better prepped for the restart than most with our midfield socially isolating our CBs and our lone striker being socially isolated from absolutely everyone.

Don't forget to keep 2m away from your man at corners as well lads!


Vital 1st Team Regular
Jeez, this is really happening. Had to really and as someone said, win this and we are in the driving seat.........must, must, must, MUST win.

Don't know whether I'm nervous, excited or just incontinent :shrug:
Wouldn't it be great if we all refused to watch it on sky and the other rob dogs all that money pumped into the PL and nobody watching it in protest at the greedy bastards


Vital Youth Team
SJMcG in an article saying him and lads raring to go (ie not sitting out due to asthma) , plus news we are playing our game in hand first (hopefully at VP-too late now to sort neutral grounds surely) both coming the same day, is this the omen that we can actually stay up?🤞