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Football clubs with Odd names.Any level any country.

Gills 58

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My brother was a ST holder at Shepshed Dynamo. Don't know where the "Dynamo" comes from.

For a few years from 1975 they were called Shepshed Charterhouse. This was the name of the business owned by their owner/benefactor at the time. This would be like us being called Gillingham MEMS or whoever sponsors us.


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My brother was a ST holder at Shepshed Dynamo. Don't know where the "Dynamo" comes from.
"The club encountered financial difficulties in 1994 and reformed under the new name in recognition of the help provided by local side Loughborough Dynamo "

Loughborough Dynamo were named after a group of kids from Loughborough Grammar school who set up a new football club in the aftermath of Moscow Dynamo visiting the area to play Wolves in some tournament.

chris who

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Thwy are the second team of a mate of mine (Palace fan) as his mum is from Bern. He is somewhat embarrased about the name obviously. Has to answer the question "who do you like?"
Went there a few years ago. For me the funniest thing about the Young boys is where they play in Wankdorf in the suburbs of Berne.Nice stadium decent atmosphere too.Perfer FC Thun because it is closer to my friends house near Interlaken. Berne is a beautiful city though well worth visiting.

chris who

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I recently read a article about swiss football. That said something that I had not realised. The Swiss use a lot of English when it comes to Football ."Football" is a term they use ,Young Boys, Grasshoppers,Swiss super league. The country is of course split between German and French and Italian speakers.The German areas being the largest and the most bilingual.

Gilles Lingam

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"Threatened with relegation in 2004, Deportivo Wanka started moving their home games to ever higher altitudes in a dangerous attempt to gain an advantage over their opponents. Playing football where the air is rare didn’t exactly help, and when faced with the dreaded drop, Deportivo launched an appeal against relegation and were immediately suspended from all competition by the Peruvian authorities.

That’s why you won’t find a Deportivo Wanka shirt for the 2020 season. Whilst you can still find a number of different Deportivo shirts in a number of designs online, it is the dark green and white 2002-03 kit by local firm Polmer which has achieved cult status.

The people of Huancayo replaced that Deportivo Wanka sized hole in their hearts with a new club, who now compete in the Peruvian Liga 1 under the far less vulgar name of Sport Huancayo."