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Fixtures released tomorrow


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Well that didn’t turn out as hoped. Will miss the first two games as we are away and Burton on Boxing Day is a bit poor. No home game and was looking to do Burton as an early arrival with a pre match brewery tour. Looks like IPlayer now if on. Plus Derby and Barnsley mid week 🤦‍♂️ never mind at least both Wednesday games are on Sat and Ipswich home on New Year’s Day makes up for Boxing day. UTI 👊💥


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Derby don't currently have a pot to piss in. I'm not sure why so many think they will be at the top of the table. Unless, they plan to ignore all financial rules and restrictions. Surely that is unthinkable!
Oakwell on a Tuesday night. Ok for me, but won't be much good for a post match pint with the lads at work and their whippets.