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Fitness W*nkers


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Inspired by Jims facebook post.... I thought I could start a thread where we could all share our super healthy, super motivated friends updates on how wonderful their life is and just how awesome it is to be running around like a blue arsed fly while the rest of us useless devolved freaks waste our lives with our wives/friends/pets/kids/hobbies

Ok, So im gonna have to remove the names, as one is a good friend and would kick my ass!



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"If a child doesn't enjoy something every time they do it but both they and the parents understand the benefits they are gaining from doing it, why do the parents let them quit? A parent wouldn't let their child quit school no matter how much they complain so why quit sport/kickboxing. There were numerous times I wanted to quit as a child but my father had the foresight to make a better decision for me as I wasn't informed enough at that time to understand the consequences. I thank him every day for that. If you quit at one thing you will quit at another!"

Yeah? well maybe you've just forced the next Steve Jobs/Bill Gates to become the 43rd best kickboxer in Birmingham.


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Best way to start the week, high intensity training session with a client, now breakfast time and then to put myself through it also! If you're not moving forwards you may as well not move at all!

Well maybe i don't have any legs you insensitive fartknocker.



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Have a lot of people say its easy for you to look the way you do your work is training and you can train all the time! Well training is just the half of it, the diet is the other half (if not more). This is my last meal before my diet changes again! Time to shred! Have put on some considerable size since December, can't wait to watch the fat come off and leave behind an even better physique than last year!
(photo of 1 chicken breast and 3 pieces of broccoli)

Brilliant, cant wait to see what the smaller portion looks like....

The Fear

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Jims post was;

settle an argument for me please. Who's more dull: The facebook parents or the facebook fitness folk?

The Fear

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I like fitness stuff, I don't get much of it with the way my body has worked out, but I like reading about fitness, best ways to work out etc. Find bodies, health fascinating.

However, don't think I go overboard posting about it, certainly not on my facebook page anyway and on here, it is in weight loss or the weights thread you started.

I find the non fitness people a bore though! Fat fuckers :2:


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I go gym once a week - bores me to fuck.

You have those standard losers who talk about it all the time, 1MR and eating eggs FFS, they all sound like compulsive disorder freaks.


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I quit sport because it was getting too expensive.

Now my Saturday's are much calmer.

I will however no doubt get fat(ter).

The Fear

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Or maybe they just get their pleasure from different things in life?!

Live and let live I say.

Or live (for the healthy ones) and slowly die a tired, underachieving, unhealthy life (for the non healthy)



Certainly those who do nothing but talk about it are as bad as any compulsives in life. Thank the lord we aren't like that (ie like we are in 100% Villa! LOL)

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The Fear - 22/3/2013 18:44

I find the non fitness people a bore though! Fat fuckers :2:

I'm a non fitness person. Though I've lost weight with my diet. So suddenly, not only am I a bore, but a fat fucker too....Lol





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I only frequent gymns with bars that overlook the women`s sauna room.I find it most effective as the perspiration allows both the ladies and myself to shed pounds.


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''Love that feeling of lying in bed with a nice ache from training... Drifting off already.''

But wouldn't it better not be a sad, boring, self-obsessed gobshite and to be lying in bed with a partner?


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I used to go to the gym regularly however poor health which started physically 10 years ago and as progressed means I don't.

However I have found a way of having exercise without the hassle and pain which is passive exercise at the Toning Tables. Yes it's JF Oxymoron again!

Exercise with no work. They are brilliant and suitable for those with health problems