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Financial Fair Play.


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I know we had a thread on this but cant find it, perhaps Mr Fear will merge it.

I have just been reading on the BBC sport website (have tried to do a link and failed) that the Lawyer who represented Bosman starts the case against FFP in The Brussels court of first instance tomorrow, Thursday. It might take him a few years but would'nt bet against him.
Worth a read if you have got a few minutes.


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Without even reading it I can probably guess the premiss of the argument. After all, how can it possibly be legal unless all the side agree to it? Nope, it won't stand up because stopping people investing their money on what they want is well, it's not right or legal.

I hope FFP gets slung out sooner rather than later it will only damage the game further and hold clubs like ours back and keep clubs like United at the top.