FIFA opens disciplinary procedures over middle-finger salute


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Dele Alli: FIFA opens disciplinary procedures over middle-finger salute
September 8, 2017

FIFA has opened a disciplinary case against Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli following his middle-finger gesture during England’s World Cup qualification win over Slovakia earlier this week.

The Spurs star was caught on camera making the one-fingered salute and is now the subject of a FIFA investigation.

A FIFA spokesperson confirmed: “Kyle and Dele were mucking about, and Dele’s made a gesture towards Kyle. I don’t know what the angle picked up by the camera is, so I don’t know if that is clear. The pair of them have a strange way of communicating but that’s what they’ve said when it’s been raised.”

Alli took to Twitter after the match to claim that the gesture was aimed at his team-mate and former Tottenham club-mate Kyle Walker.

It had initially appeared that referee Clément Turpin was the target of the gesture after turning down Alli’s appeals for a free-kick.

But The Guardian claims the FA has unearthed a camera angle that supports Alli’s version of events and intends to back him in the disciplinary process.

If found guilty, Alli could be fined by FIFA and/or banned for upcoming World Cup qualification matches.

He is already suspended for Spurs’ first three Champions League games following a red card in last season’s Europa League game against Gent.


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FFS. I understand why, but we've seen less shits given for much more dangerous or offensive actions. If the press hadn't made such a thing out of this it would have been ignored.


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Fifa corrupt at every single level you look at; refusing to tackle the immoral abuse that is now the 'advisors/agents' role yet still finding time to grand-stand.

Two World cups that were clearly abusing and bribing the selection process and all they do is wring their hands and look the other way.

This organisation is a pariah on football; please God I hope the FBI mortally wound them and end it for good.


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Taricco the yid - 8/9/2017 13:23

So hes gets banned from some meaningless international games and is kept fresh for us. I don't see a problem
This is true, 2 meaningless internationals coming up in October I think? Will be good for him to have a week off.


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Taricco the yid - 8/9/2017 13:23

So hes gets banned from some meaningless international games and is kept fresh for us. I don't see a problem
I'm sure he can manage to keep himself occupied during his ban...

Nick Real Deal

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I understand everything but do we really want to see that behaviour on the pitch in jest or not.

I think a chat and warning is enough unless they feel an example is to be made of him.

Bald Archie

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If he gets disciplined I can only imagine the wails of 'They are victimising him because he plays for us, and the FA / PL / Sky / Press all hate us.'

True tht a lot worse goes on, but I don't want to see England players sticking the finger up (or worse) when representing the Country. Alli does need to grow-up that is beyond question.


Vital Football Legend
How do they prove he directed it to the ref as opposed to Walker? Surely the position of the three and the direction Alli was facing should prove defining