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Not sure how many Basketball fans we have but there is History being made in the NCAA Tourney better known as March Madness!

Florida Gulf Cost University, a 15 seed is the first 15 seeded team every to make the Sweet 16 and they are doing it with Flair.

Check out the story of the win tonight http://scores.espn.go.com/ncb/recap?gameId=330830021

They will play Florida next for what should be a great match up.

They remind me of the early 90s UNLV team :)

If nothing else take a look at this! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3Ixm4K-uUw


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Bloody hell, Etoufee is alive and kicking, whoda thunk it.

As for the baseball...we don't really 'do' baseball mate, or I don't anyway.



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I guess I should be into basketball as I did have sickel cell when I was younger.

I'm not sure how many others with a 'birra black in em' we have on the forum though Etouffee.

Muttman does look like a white Arnold off different strokes, and Meyouldy has a peachy bum so maybe they might be into it?

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Nice to see you Etouffee, not been around recently, did you send a letter of absence if not you know the punishment...?!


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LOL My computer went belly up and had to wait 6 weeks for a new one :) I did post once or twice to a thread but didn't start any of my own :)

You guys might like the FGCU story, everyone likes an underdog or in this case a Cinderella going to the big dance!

If nothing else watch that white boy dunk the basketball in the video I linked :)


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LOL Siggy :) it has messed with quite a few brackets for sure. FGCU ad LaSalle both. Although I haven't been that attentive all season it has been a season where there are no clear standout programs. Seems like each week the new #1 fell so if a Cinderella is going to wear the slipper this might be the best year for it.

Saw a story today that a guy put $10 on FGCU to win their bracket (get to the final 4) and if they do he wins 10 Grand :) I wish him the best.


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http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/tournament/bracket (Check out the Hooters Girls along the side)

Before the tournament starts with 64 teams it is broken down into 4 regional brackets with 16 teams each and they are ranked from 1 - 16. It is a big thing here in the states to fill out your entire bracket of winners prior to the start of March Madness. Most brackets don't make it through the first day without being severely damaged by upsets.
While FGCU has ruined my bracket I am proud to say that I am tied for 1st place, so evidently they ruined everyone else's brackets as well.

Of course it is way too early to be bragging about how well I am doing in my bracket but thought I should boast now because it could all turn to shite this weekend.