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Fear's Holiday Snaps


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He's tucking into the Mr Whippy already<br /><img height="511" width="341" border="0" src="http://www.eyeonspain.com/userfiles/image/TamaraSpainBlog/11-BritsAbroadHankieBlogPic2.jpg" /><br />


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And finally he has met someone he really likes. This half Korean half American beauty was recently voted Korea's most beautiful man. Boy is he in for a shock.



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Oh dear God! JF been pinching wigs again. I hope the Egyptian police don't catch up with him else this could be dangerous


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Rumour is he's been banged up after falling for Nimmo's 'ask to see the hotel managers wife's camel toe as it's a delicacy over there' gag.

Trekker has booked a flight and has spoken to the embassy but it's not looking good.