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Fear Conquers All - Book OUT NOW!


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Got the Kindle version. I get so little time to read there is more chance on my Kindle. I have started it. I will get it as a book too.

I don't buy many books anymore however I do still have a reasonably library of one's important to me or/and have a place as special on our bookshelves.

I got rid of 100's of books over the years to scale down and bought them gradually again on my Kindle.

I still have three good book shelves of quality books. I still love a book however I wouldn't read as much now if I didn't have a Kindle

Cheshire Villan

Vital 1st Team Regular
Ooh - I'll download it later today. I need a good laugh read. If I put it on the Kindle it reduces the danger of any visitors seeing the cover without prior warning.

Seriously, great effort and I'm looking forward to reading it. You should do the promotional circuit now! There's a lot of groups out there who pay for inspirational presentations and you get to sell copies of your book. I used to go to a NLP group in Manchester and they had Richard McCann at one session. His mother was one of the Yorkshire Rippers first victims - his story is also amazing - https://www.richardmccann.co.uk/. He's raking it in these days!