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Favorite Spurs Goal since 1975


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Brilliant , one of my all time favourites too . The return pass he received was ridiculous, a chip into nowhere, what was he supposed to do with that !!!!!!!
Yes Walt, that's my favorite. What a beautiful passage of play and the finish was absolutely sublime.
I recall being in my bedroom Leith, Edinburgh, that night, watching MOTD highlights. Approx 12 years old. Loved clubs like Ipswich Town with Paul Mariner, Alan Brazil etc, and Notts Forest with Gary Birtles, Tony Woodcock, Shilton John Robertson etc. All my mates followed the bigger teams that won a lot, like Liverpool and Man Utd. I was always drawn to the others that played wonderful football. Mind you, Ipswich and Forest were right up there at the time..top 6 teams.

And then...I saw the Hoddle goal. I immediately wanted to be like him,or better.

We lived on the Leith Links so my mates and I played football out side our hotel (parents bought a 5 story hotel on the Links) every single day until well into the dark snowy nights. We'd practice volleys with both feet for hours and hours. Bending the ball around trees into a goal with both feet.

Then when Ardiles and Vila joined, along with Archibald, well I was hooked.

Ah, these were the days. Not a care in the world.