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Fatloser is moving


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Good evening all, I'm sure a few might remember my Christmas Day 2010 "bombshell". Well delighted to say the fat one bounced back, found himself a lady 13 years younger, kept his kids and Friday is the start of Life number 2....

Moving House , Financial settlement agreed and made, and Rochester beckons. 22 years in Bromley with great and not so great memories. Hey life goes on there are many people way worse off than I :14:


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Good luck. Pleased to hear some good news. Amazing how the tide turns. What seems like the end of the world, turns out to be the start of new beginnings and a better life.

The clock never moved once eh! I bet you look back now and wonder where it went.

:192: Bye bye Bromley and hello Rochester :18:


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Good luck fat loser, things often work out for the better.....I've gone through similar this year, and now got my own place, just need the lady now!

The Fear

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Lovely news mate, exactly what you deserved, although sometimes I bet you question if you deserved the lads?!?!?!



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Best of luck bud don't know the story but it's probably similar to mine as my web was really tangled at one time.But you get there just hope the Villa do.


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Rochester? What a shite hole you're luck never changes. Seriously mate best of luck and keep any eye out for Kelly Brook she hails from there as do most of my fathers family.


Nice to hear yam alright dude, life is tough but to come through hard times takes some bollox many of us go through hell so to speak its how we bounce back and you have and are this is what matters where we are going not what we have done or been, all the best dude UTV!

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
I'd forgotten she dropped the news on a Christmas day. That must have taken some super charged hatred/bitchiness. Mind blowing really!