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Farman leaves - confirmed


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He'll be a very good player for Stevenage. Solid league 2 keeper in my eyes. Did we get a fee, or let him leave for nothing out of respect so he can play?


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A great servant and will always get a fantastic reception at SB. We can do better though, he wasn't going to be number one again here IMO.


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As Danny says, "’ll be a loss to the squad, but it’s the right thing for him and his family."

That sums it up, really.

Good luck to him, he was very good for us, and that is all we can ask of any player.

Article coming later.


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Thanks for the memories Paul and your loyal service. all the best for the future.

I suppose looking at the trajectory of the club it was always going to happen but he served us well and I salute him for that! Thanks Paul and good luck for the future.

I am sure we will always give him a good reception at Sincil Bank.


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farman was good as part of the team that took us up.

great move for him, and good luck to him. great move for us too. not so sure it is such a great move for stevenage.

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Correct decision. Been a good servant and does a tremendous amount of work off the pitch but he's probably a lower third L2 GK IMO. At times, I felt he had a unsettling influence on the defence and his command of the area wasn't as good as it needs to be at this level. That said, I thought his kicking improved in his time here and he also picked up a bit from Townsend when he was here on loan.

Certainly one you'd have in the trenches with you, though, and I think that sums up the players that have left over the last year or so. They've all gone with best wishes.

The writing was on the wall last season when he got dropped twice and Cowley brought in a loan GK to replace the injured Vickers, effectively drop him down to third choice.

Be interesting to see whether we opt for a young understudy like Walton as a GK or opt to improve on Vickers.