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FAO Liam and Clive


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As Rob used to say when he was chairman, games like the Liverpool game are unbudgeted income , bonus cash in other words as you dont budget for a cup run and definitely getting on sky against Liverpool.

Maybe this will pay for the mystery man?
Think it will just make the black hole in the budget just a little smaller.


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I hate to burst your bubble but you can no longer get a blackjack or fruit salad for 1p. Remember them being 4 for 1d... :lol::lol::rofl::sorry:
We used to go to the petrol station at Swanpool to buy them; four for a penny was fantastic. You could also get the penny chews but they weren't as good value I always thought.


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I hope it’s on ifollow so that all the Liverpool fans have to listen to Hortin and Makepeace or Thompson commentate on the match.

They won’t know what’s hit them.

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Talking of a 10p (my entire weekly pocket money) mix ... ours was Rogers Grocery on the corner of St Francis St & Hereward Street which has long since gone ... but the excitement is crystal clear in my memory as Imps also prepared for Stoke in the League Cup 😍