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They had a table set up at the last match and it was doing a brisk trade. I think this is getting something more like the setup at Wycombe (for those who went) although they did have keg beer on which was a nice touch!


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A direct crib from what they have at Wycombe. Good to see someone in authority listening to the fans. A win, win situation for everyone. :clappy:


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Yes they had a bar-b-q going as well at the Wycombe game.
Thinking back to the Ipswich game, I went in the home end and went in their fanzone marquee before the game, and had the pleasure to listen to Roger Osborne talking, who was their guest of the day. He was the chap who scored for Ipswich in the 1978 FA Cup final win against Arsenal. Ipswich won 1-0 that day. Would be nice to see some of our ex-players and managers welcomed back in the same way.


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Just announced some efforts to improve the food as well!

Good start from the new chief exec


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This guy has certainly got his head screwed on right. Great to see so many improvements being put in place; it will go a long way to keeping those new, or returning, fans on board.

Long may this continue.


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Does a bottle bar serve bitter or real ale? And if so does it also serve soft drinks? The problem with the extra bar in the TP is no soft drinks so I can't get my kids a drink there and if the "fanzone" doesn't serve drinks either then I shall have to keep going to the pubs instead.

Used to like going to the Centre spot before the game but since the crowds went up and with no soft drinks at the extra bar it is a waste of time.


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Great idea.

Good to see the club putting Double Ms under pressure to improve as well. With the increase in attendances no doubt there will be more interest next time the catering contract needs renewing which has probably been pointed out to them.