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Fans Engagement Survey


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The first Fans Engagement Survey has been published and not particularly impressive to finish 79th out of the 92 football league clubs. Think we need to be honest with ourselves rather than just slate the report as being biased in some way.

Sure the recent appointment of a SLO will help but it's not an area where the club excel and so not totally surprising we don't score well.

What is surprising that we have plenty of "suits" whose job responsibilities (can you name our Communications Officer anyone?) should mean we should be doing much better. Does anyone actually know what our Communications Officer actually does? Certainly not a lot of communicating....

Anybody who regularly follows another team on social media will know that the FTFC media team are truly awful, with their agenda-driven output and constantly getting stats wrong. When you consider that this side of the club is run almost entirely by Lashers, maybe it's not quite surprising. Would be great to have Fleetwood fans in charge of this output.

From the outside FTFC seems to be run as a boys club, and turkeys don't vote for Christmas. Room for improvement for sure but don't hold your breath....and at the end of the day, does it really matter ?

Dialogue with fans – 10
Their governance – 20
Making their communication transparent – 5
Pts – 35 – Fan reaction to the latest football news, gossip & funnies