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'Fan Led Review'

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So the fan led review is underway or finished, I can't really tell, and these are the current recommendations:
The measures proposed by Crouch include:

  • A new independent regulator to address issues that are most relevant to the risks to the game, especially financial regulation, corporate governance and ownership.
  • Greater protection for important club assets such as badges, location and colours, through a 'golden share' for supporters that provides them with veto powers.
  • Further investigation over the summer on revenue flows within the football pyramid, including 'parachute payments'.
  • Allowing clubs to operate all-weather pitches in League 2 to help with generation of revenue in lower leagues.
  • Suggestion that the English Football League (EFL) enter discussions to absorb the National League top division into the EFL structure.
I'm not sure about the Golden Share thing an precisely what that means.
Otherwise it is fairly underwhelming at the moment.


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Golden Share?

I'm told a certain well known American politician is well up for this or something that sounds similar.
i presume enough of a fan held sharebase that its enough to have a say on the board and veto any unwanted plans. So the owners would have to sell off a %