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Just want to measure how odd I am in not having a Facebook account. So do you have one or not. Why have you got one, what am I missing?


One Bloody Number
Yes I have one. I enjoy it although I'm not addicted to it like some people.

I think it's a great way to keep in touch with friends and family you wouldn't normally see. I have cousins and uncles who live in America, who before Facebook I would see once every 5 years and in between those times have no idea what they were up to or how they were, but now I can see photo's of them, see if they've embarked on a new career, a new relationship, basically brings the family a bit closer together.

I'm not a big family man, but even for me its nice knowing your cousins are doing ok.

It's main use is definately sharing pictures though. Go on plenty of fun nights out with friends and people take photos and pre-Facebook they'd just never get seen. Now you get to see all these photo's and reminise over the nights festivities.

I can't understand why anyone wouldn't want one to be honest. Even if you get one and use it once in a blue moon just to look at a picture of a long lost relative, or a new born baby in the family or something, its just handy to have,

My friend has an account and she used it for 3 months while her sister was travelling round Australia just to see how she was doing. When she came back her Facebook account remained untouched for 4 years, but her sister is now going to India for a month so she'll be back on there.



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I was trying to contact a plastic manc once to take the piss,but he wouldn`t answer the phone,so i tried to open a facebook thing,purely so i could rib the bastard,but i had no idea what i was doing ,so i suppose,yes i have an account,but it`s never been used and i doubt it ever will be.


Vital Football Hero
Yep, got one. Nope you're not missing anything. I find it handy to keep in contact with all the babies of the friends of mine. Indeed I don't know what I'd do with my time if I didn't have hourly updates on nappy changing, falling over, first trips to the beach and when they puked on the floor etc...........


Vital Football Legend
A lot of events and groups get created or arranged through facebook which is probably the main reason for having it. It's also a brilliant way to catch up with friends from years ago.

Whilst obviously it gets abused by some, I also find it good for finding out about things and sharing interesting or funny pictures, video and text.

Some examples of it's usefulness: my girlfriend's nan is constantly asking us to keep posting pics of our son up so she can see him growing up as she doesn't see him so often. Its very user-friendly and not like the whole world can see what you post either which is good.

My best mate, wife and two kids recently moved to Australia - it's a good way of us keeping in touch and seeing what each other are upto.

Of course there is facetime/skype and emails too.


Vital Football Legend
Yeah I have a FB account. I got 1 in the 1st place cos my youngsters were sending me requests. That was a few years ago.

2 of my youngsters live abroad so it is good for that and connecting with people. FB has grown on me over the years and used appropriately is a good resource to have.

Like Jim I also use Skype too.

I don't use e-mail for my youngest as he says it is very 1970's and only should be used for work applications and such. LOL


Vital Champions League
Don't have one and doubt I ever will for some reason when I think of facebook I think of Big Brother and I hate that even though Iv'e never seen it.


Vital Champions League
I have one and enjoy it really, where I work has no internet well not one that allows me on Vital. Vital is far to clumsy on a phone so i reverted to facebook. Also handy being so far away from my family. then there is the sex :-)))

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
I got one to set up the vital villa Facebook page which now has 3500 followers.

Wasn't interested but now quite enjoy dipping in and out. I put up daft jokes, the odd picture and that is about it.

Biggest mistake I made was accepting anyone friend wise (most know me through villa stuff, should have directed them to the vital villa page really) should have kept this one more mate etc related. But I unsubscribe to those I don't know so no real issue.



Vital Champions League
so you know the 3500? you are a popular boy. thought you had one just for mates but noone joined lol. The biggest revelation there is that you put up jokes, I've not seen one :-)

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
No mate, my own account is 700 ish, I would say about 150-200 would be more appropriate which would include members on here etc.

Can never remember who is who from here to real names there though, memory is shot really!


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We did get a message, yes... "Beep beep beep, oh no heavy, the coins keep coming out, beep beep beep, even the telephone hates me, beep beep beep, I wish there were no machines, and everyone led a pastoral existence, trees and flowers don't deliberately cool you out and go beep in your ear."