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Face Coverings in Supermarkets

While my contribution was tongue in cheek, (I don't actually wish anyone dead...) please dont forget that Owen Jones and his like are the people who happily have 'cancelled' people, ruined their careers and reputation for one word out of place according to their bizarre doctrine. They gave not one moments thought to those people, their livehoods, friends and family. From Roger Scrutton, David Starkey and Maya Forstater to the couple who were involved in hiring the plane that flew 'White Lives Matter' over Manchester and lost their jobs because of it. These are real people who's lives are being ruined by a concocted, fabricated, or hysterical response.

Voltare was supposed to have uttered the words about defending to the death the right of free speech (He didn't, it came in a later book as the sort of thing he might have said...). Yet the left are the enemies of free speech, they are marxist bullies and I wouldn't defend their rights if I was the last libertarian on the planet. There is no 'winning the argument' because they have convinced themselves that they are morally and intellectually superior to anyone, and in fact they seek only the purity of the undiluted ideology, no discussion, no dissent and no redemption. They are evil.
I think the W L M lad from Burnley was probably the same family of scrote who tried to nick my car keys and motor last year . Not the brightest , with no intention but to provoke . We can do better .

I may be further right than Attila the Hun but I wish no ill on other people for having a different view , everyone is an individual - my oldest mucker I guess you would call a “ lefty” , he’s also a smashing fella and have plenty in common . Apart from his fervour for the crooked spireites . Which I guess is evil in a way . Ha .


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We're not talking about the working class, 'voted Labour all my life', 'hate the tories', kind of left, SBS. I can respect that, because I used to be one. I'm talking about the new 'new' Labour, which is nothing to do with working people. In fact they hate working people. They are from the educated middle class, and desperate to try and tell us all how to live our lives, and what we should think, and why we are all revolting and disgusting people for being who we are.
I dont go on Twitter so dont see the worst of it I expect . My fear is if we go down the route of labels and identity battles , that is a short term route - see Trump in America who is running out of steam pursuing that avenue . Despite a decent majority in the polls before and running against a overbaked career politician in Biden !!

Boris will have a key challenge and I’m not sure he’s a detailed or dilligent operator to do it . Get a Brexit hard enough to satisfy his new supporters , but soft enough to keep business & commerce happy & the middle classes . A formidable challenge for a master operator beyond compare like Thatcher , let alone “Bozza” .


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Funny how QualCom, the teachers, the unions and the political parties, including Labour, agreed that this unique solution to a unique problem was the best way forward when it was first announced in April. Angela Raynor, the Labour Shadow said at the time “We have always said predicted grades are not always accurate, and can disproportionately affect the children who need the most support, and we pushed ministers to ensure students can sit an exam later if they wish.”

Now Labour are claiming that its unfair not to accept predicted grades whatever. (flip-flop...) and Jessica and Tom's parents are furious because their little darlings got marked down to 'B's or 'C's. Athough they have the right of appeal, they have alternatives to be taken into consideration, or they have the opportunity to sit the actual exam, and get their proper mark. There are plenty of places at Uni, and everyone who wants to go will get to go. No-ones 'life has been ruined'. Or maybe we should just follow Scotland example and give everyone an 'A' to compensate for the trauma of being given a qualification that they haven't done all the work to get in the first place.

Its another pointless government kicking shitstorm. I swear there is a large group of people and the media who get angry at anything the government does, and would argue the opposite case regardless.
Things go wrong? Who should we blame?

The media, bastards just won't agree how great we are
The foreigners
The work shy commoners
The people scared of dying. I know we keep saying this is a once in a lifetime Pandemic but stop moaning and get to work.
Remoaners, ***** the lot of them.
Guardian readers
The general public for not understanding vague guidance
The general public for going to pubs
The general public for not going to pubs
A level Students for for not shutting up and taking their grades like a man

Who should we not blame

Us, anyone who's like us. Anyone who funds us.
Us for getting our messaging hilariously wrong.
Us for somehow thinking following the orange fuckwits from America is a good idea
US, for thinking that populism and twitter would kill a virus at the start. And us for waiting till the virus calms down to massively overreact with stupid lockdown rules.

This is an incompetent government. They were very good at electioneering (be it against a bunch of Labour fuckwits who were too busy arguing with themselves and David Baddiel) but are embarrassing at being in power.

It's a joke. But at least we'll get to leave the EU 🎉🎉 Because that'll save us from these twats
Another day , another bungled issue , another U-turn . Dear Mr. Johnson would be wise to get his house in order promptly . He would be in danger of getting his cards if he was an employee of mine . That said , I never had time for those prone to BS anyway .

Must do better Boris . Must do better . Otherwise Rishi waits in the wings .
He hasn’t improved has he ? The biggest disappointment since John Hope . And his acolytes no better . Are there any big beasts left , the kids have had their fun but need to be moved gently away from the front benches .