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FA cup television money


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Sunday at 11:06 PM
Is this any help from the FA's website relating to this weekend's matches:


It states:

'Four Emirates FA Cup second round ties have been selected for live TV coverage...Each club will receive a live broadcast fee of £75,000, while the winners will pick up a further £54,000 from the increased FA prize fund.'


'The FA fee for extended highlights on a Saturday is £6,750 per club.'


'The FA fee for extended highlights, overseas broadcast or live single camera footage on a Sunday is £12,500 per club.'

Here we are.Looks like we might have to wait for the FA to tell us.
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Looking at last years 3rd round appears to be double 2nd round so...150, 000? ish TV for this year, then prize money on top.


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Being on TV would be the icing on the cake and would almost see us making 400000-500000 from the fixture provinding there is a 30,000-40,000 crowd.


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Sadly, I think it's very unlikely we'll get TV coverage out of this one. You'd have to think Tranmere/Southport, Woking and a couple of the big PL teams are above us in the pecking order. Man Utd always get picked regardless of who they play, and Chelsea v Forest is probably more 'attractive' for the TV companies than us falling to an expected defeat at Goodison Park.

Obviously, if we had been at SB, it would have been a completely different matter... something I'm particularly disappointed about as I will have no chance of watching it live out here in Malaysia. Only hope left for me is it's the game picked up by overseas broadcasters from the Saturday 3pm crop... as was Brighton in the 4th round two years ago.


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Radio Lincs seemed to think the TV choices would be confirmed today. Hopefully the actual date will then be announced too. If as expected Tranmere/Southport get the nod and with Liverpool being away at least if we don't get picked a Sat 3 pm ko is highly likely.