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FA Cup Fourth Qualifying Round Draw


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Went to Concord the day before Wembley as part of weekend down there. Really friendly club and still holding their own at that level. Shows the Cowley laid an excellent foundation for them. Clubhouse had been doubled in size under them, all facilities were really good for that level. It was a fantastic achievement to take Concord into the National Lge (and nearly into Premier). Basically they were at Bourne level or lower!! (And not even best team on Canvey Island!!)

Was also good seeing pics of the Cowley and quite a few of our subsequent players on the clubhouse walls.

But cos I've already been, I'd like somewhere else !!


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I have this sinking feeling ,as always !, that it will be an away draw again . Everything crossed for a home draw, and ideally, against Concord Rangers !! UTI.


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Don't know why they bother with the draw. Everyone knows it will be Fleetwood Town away. At least if we drew Salford the TV money would come in handy.