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FA Cup Final Predictions & Match Thread: Arsenal v Chelsea


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Sadly I didn’t even know it was cup final day till this morning. Even though we had that unbelievable run in 2017, the completion is A shadow of its former self and reflects the pantomime that the game at the top level has become. I doubt I’ll even watch it to be honest. However real footy at our level is another matter. Roll on the friendlies


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The missus has some utter rubbish on netflix and I honestly can't be bothered to ask if we can be put the cup final on!
Probably got something to withthe fact it's arsenal and chelski playing and I can't stand either of them.
Half 5 kick off wtf!

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Sounds like a lot of controversy though. Two soft bookings meaning a red card, a possible handling outside the box unpunished, and a possible dodgy penalty.


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The number of replies in this thread (15 including this one) just shows what we all think of the FA Cup Final. It's such a boring event...