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F@@@ The Disabled

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
This country is becoming more evil by the year. The channel four show dispatches, Britain on benefits. Seriously, if you haven't seen it, try to get it on repeat or online catch up.

You may well be able bodied but it won't hurt you to see how the Tories are treating your less abled brothers and sisters. A marine, a hero, lost a leg in combat. At the medical he was asked to wiggle his toes. He doesn't have a leg ffs. ATOS, the agency being paid 390 million for this evil farce carried out this medical. Yes, you read that right, 390m.

Hang your evil head in shame Cameron.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Girl with cerebral palsy wouldn't qualify, would lose her car and be house bound.

This will lead to suicides and death, guaranteed.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Think this link will work to the programme.

Seriously, just 30 mins,,watch it and let me know what you think.



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Finally someone has said it! Fair play to you fear, I agree mate and stand beside you brother.

F*** em! Bloody parasites!


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Have posted on FB about this too JF, on your newsfeed about it. I watched it also. Made my blood boil

This link is another 1 and worth reading: Un fcuking believable http://www.afteratos.com/?p=3033

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I couldn't watch that Dispatches programme from the link because "It wasn't available in my area" so much for "internet", so it's not 100% "inter" is it......

However, I digress. I managed to read kefkat's link and found it deeply disturbing. This ATOS is working under strict guidlines obviously. The report also points out the government is trying to reduce the government debt - inherited off the Labour Government (for those with a short memory).

However, these cuts are far too deep, far too quickly (ring any bells to our current plight?) Where will it end? I do think the current government should hit "their own" harder though as they can afford to pay extra tax, which should then go to reducing their inheritted government debt.



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It's terrible, my sister who has loads of problems and in no way is fit to work , has been told to find a job. It's causing her loads of stress and anxiety which she could do without.

Meanwhile IDS thinks nothing of paying £30 for breakfast, I would cheerfully punch him and I'm a pacifist.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Seems to me they are going to spend more than they save and will without doubt kill some people in the process. Quite seriously the feeling of being isolated and unable to get out is horrendous. I know full well.

I used to, after my brain op, stand on the doorstep looking out and the outside world just felt like it had nothing at all to do with me.

It is very clear that there are some scroungers (as there are in all walks of life, including some of our MP's, Lords, and those at the top of the tax tree who only pay what they want, which is not a lot) but ffs, this is going to wreck lives.

The girl with cerebral palsey being the perfect example in the programme. Can anyone really argue that she isn't severely disabled? But she can walk 200metres (not without difficulty and I would imagine not without pain) and she says that, but also that it would exhaust. So she loses her mobility allowance, she loses her motability car.

Then how does she get out?

Disabled people, like anyone else, deserve and want to be independent. Now she would have to ask friends/family for a lift ever single time she wanted to go out. Every single time. Stop and think what that means.

Again, I know. I went back to being a kid at the age of 24, if I wanted to leave the house for nearly 2 years, I had to ask to be taken. It is horrendous.

I hope the Government/s (Badge says this started with Labour, I've not looked, to me I don't care who started it, just that no one has deemed to stop it!) are proud of themselves.

Nothing at all wrong with medicals for those that aren't on exclusion lists (before, with DLA you would have certain illnesses that are chronic enough to be excluded, eg Parkinsons which is never going to get better etc) as long as the criteria is set correctly.

This criteria is a joke, as are the bastards who are doing these medicals. Even some of their staff have admitted it is pretty 'toxic' what they are doing and that they get paid a bonus for taking people off the benefits.


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sirdennis - 26/2/2013 11:29

It's terrible, my sister who has loads of problems and in no way is fit to work , has been told to find a job. It's causing her loads of stress and anxiety which she could do without.

Meanwhile IDS thinks nothing of paying £30 for breakfast, I would cheerfully punch him and I'm a pacifist.
Has she appealed?. She can. If you want any info on how to do it with additional info the majority don't know to add inbox me.

I only know what I know through training


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JF if you read my link here it says the amount of people dieing from 2010 is 11,000 who were on benefits. Granted alot of those were already going to as they were terminally ill but there is alot especially with mental health issues who have committed suicide because of ATOS.

True example: A guy with severe Schizophrenia who was found capable to work appealed with his socail worker. Appeal was turned over and monies etc all back dated. 2 days later they sent for him again for a new medical. Again he was found fit for work and they appealed. 2 days before the appeal he committed suicide because he couldn't take it anymore


I hear you Fear, this has left me feeling sad and worried for the most vulnrable in our country, ANYBODY can fall i'll, our bodies give us no guarentee they will be fit and able all our lives when will everbody realise this and stand up together for the most vulnrable FFS


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disability benefit has always had bad press and no doubt some have taken the piss out of it big time, whilst others struggle to even get it, hence why i am in favour of it being looked at and indeed more in depth investigation and when you think about the reasons why, then you might agree with me.

at present under the dla system quite a few cases have never had a medical, hence so many get done for fraud, for example have an accident years ago and there condition has improved, but the payments carry on.

did you know there have been cases of parents being awarded a mobility car due to the child having adhd?


going back quite a few years ago i remember when working around birmingham of asian families with a disabled child, passing it around other families so they could say its theres and claim.


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People try to Clive. There are always petitions and there have been demonstrations about however the government/s take no notice, or very little, tweaking things here and there to make themselves feel better.

The coalition did at least ask professor Malcolm Harrington to lead an independent review into ESA and recommend improvements. A year later, Harrington suggested many sensible changes that were accepted but as yet, little progress has been made in rolling them out.

The same has been done re DLA to PIPS with little done to listen and change