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Explosion in Boston

Pride of Lions

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It seems the authorities are closing in a possible suspect in Boston. An interesting report from the Daily Mirror, yes, the Daily Mirror brings us fairly well up to date.



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It's all going off this morning. In true american movie style the cops have apparently chased two kids in a hijacked car who were throwing bombs and firing at them. The blew one of them to bits so he's brown bread, now the other one is on the run and the whole place is on lockdown. totally mental. Chechens apparently?


One Bloody Number
Yeah I've had Sky News on for a while now. All kicking off.

Now saying born in Chechnya but raised and tought in Dagastan (didn't even know that place existed), but been living in America for up to a decade?

Mixed reports really. The one is only 19 so how could he be in the US for a decade yet be taught in Dagastan?

Deleted member 313

Disappointed the bombers were not American. This will only confirm the American view that all foreigners are potential terrorists. The aggressive, rude, security checks at US airports will become even worse than they are now.


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I see some poor sod been accused of him being 1 of the suspects and he isn't. The morons around won't make his life easy. I am sure he will find someone to sue to make it easier


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Mr K has nagged me for years about having a rucksack type bag to go on holiday as he gets all the bits in his rucksack to carry.

I have finally invested in a woman's type 1 that was available at half price in Republic when they thought they were closing down. I have now decided we can take carrier bags for bits & pieces. It maybe far safer.

Now I just have to decide which stores carrier bags I will use. It's a hard life Ha