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Explosion in Boston

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
BBJ - 16/4/2013 10:50

Yes, perhaps I'm succumbing a little to the hysteria that follows these sorts of events, Fear.
Bound to happen, makes you feel very shaken to see such innocent folks being mutilated for no good reason at all doesn't it mate?

However, unless me, I really don't think you can live in Fear...


Vital Football Legend
I think the fact that so many assumed this was an Islamic terrorist attack is testament to how well the NWO propaganda machine works at brainwashing the everyday Joe.

TSA will be employed at sporting events soon, followed by schools and any other situation where theres more than 20 people.

the more we are 'at threat' the more the government will 'offer' to 'help' us with their security.

Tragic, but predictable.



Vital Squad Member
villawill - 16/4/2013 11:48

Initial reports suggest they weren't suicide bombers, which would probably rule out the Allu Akhbar brigade

That was what I was thinking. The reports I've seen are saying that the bombs were hidden in bins, if it were islamists then it would have been 1 or 2 twats with bombs strapped to their chest who would have walked into the middle of the crowd and detonated.


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Islam is out, the powers that be cant keep flogging that horse, they caught osama bin bigfoot and theyve taken the praise for being super awesome for it - thats the 'war' with them won for now.

They need to reinvent a new terrorist now, one that is unpredictable and unknown, the school shooter psycho scenario is running well but they need more angles.

Bin-Bombers - new tax on bin security.


Pride of Lions

Vital Football Legend
James06 - 16/4/2013 21:11

I dont need any brain washing or propaganda machine to make me islamaphobic:

I drive through Sparkbrook everyday.

:1: Spot on James.

I too live in the real world. I refuse to do what the majority are lead to do.... that is turn their back to the fact and hope it will go away.

Fact is, it won't go away, it will only get worse. When a catholic family is invited to become muslim and refused, they were killed.... wife and children shot, husband beheaded. FACT!

Obviously, it is not every muslim, far from it. The vast majority want to live among as peacefully. It is the Islamists, the hard liners we have to watch.

After saying that, we still don't know who it was who committed this terrible crime. As Isaid on my last post, the chances are, but we don't know, so until we do, it's all speculation, but if I was abetting man....................


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I was jokingly going to come on here and say "waiting for Steff to come on and blame the CIA for it" and fuck me, he's been on FB doing exactly that :10:

Gotta love our Steff :14:


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I know it is still early in the States, but no real news so far today.

I t may take quite a while to sift through all the recorded footage that is available from Sunday. One thing they are certain of, is the fact they used "Pressure Cooker" bombs which have been used in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India with devastating effects.

I found this link interesting...



cctv footage identifies possible culprits;



Vital Football Legend
In fact I'm very worried.

I've just been for a piss and on the way I've passed a mysterious backpack at the bottom of the stairs.

I'm assured it's full of education stuff, but would that include instructions on how to build a bomb, instruments capable of causing actual physical harm?

Is it likely to explode as easily as my eldest daughter?

And more to the point, nah I don't really have one.

Everybody panic.