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Exiles - Here's The Goals


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Madine's full interview in The Gazette is hilarious. Extract here:

Madine then played a vital role in running the clock down near the corner flag in the six minutes of stoppage time, even finding time to throw in a few tricks.
“A few of the lads have said they’ve never seen me do stepovers so I thought I’d thought I’d turn them on for the last few minutes,” he said.
“What did you think of them, were they alright?”
Madine then finished the interview by showing a picture on his WhatsApp group with strike partner Jerry Yates, who was also on the scoresheet.

The duo, who are enjoying a blossoming partnership in attack for the Seasiders, are now comparing themselves to former Manchester United duo Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole.
“We’ve taken our heads and put them on theirs,” Madine revealed.
“We’re calling each other the new Yorke and Cole. I’m Andy Cole and he’s Dwight Yorke, because I’m better looking.
“I don’t know where it came from, it just got put in the chat last week. I quite like the idea though.

“I just try and teach Jerry a few things about general life because he’s a bit dumb and dumber our Jerry, so he needs a hand getting by in life so I try my best to help him.”
There’s no time to rest for the Seasiders, who are on the road once again in midweek as they make the trip to Doncaster Rovers.
When asked if he’ll be resting up for Tuesday night’s game, Madine signed off: “No, I’ll probably have about 20 beers tonight and a kebab.”


Vital Youth Team
Good that. Seen his attempt at photoshopping a Cole and Yorke picture as well.

This is the sort of camaraderie, character and partnerships on the pitch that was just missing at the start of the season when they were trying to be turned into passing robots.

We just work better as a club when we're quirky and don't look right, but get the job done. Rather than all the Blackpool Way clinical possesion stuff that doesn't go anywhere.