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EXCLUSIVE Q&A With Roger Bates - Post Your Questions HERE!


Vital Reserves Team
In the last year or so there seems to have been a lot of effort gone into the off field activities and infrastructure, how much and what are the things still on the list to do?
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German Imp

Vital 1st Team Regular
Are you able to quantify how solvent the club is ? In percentage terms what is the increase in player wages compared to a couple of seasons ago, our promotion winning season.


Vital Squad Member
Can you clarify what the current situation is with the "Council" covenant regarding future development on SB . What bearing has this on whether we should relocate ?

German Imp

Vital 1st Team Regular
Has thought been given to and are the consultants who are looking at ground options either at or away from Sincil Bank given thought to the idea of turning the pitch around so behind the goal would be the Selenity and Co-Op. Clearly, further major development would need to be undertaken and perhaps a season playing away from Sincil Bank for a season.


Vital Youth Team
I could fully understand Danny’s frustration and comments following the Carlisle game re. the watering of the pitch problem. What are your thoughts ?


Vital Squad Member
Bob Dorian had by far the largest number of Lincoln City shares. What is now the current split of his and others within the Holding Company? Has the recent investment for instance further diluted the percentage held by the Red Imps Community Trust?


Vital Squad Member
There was debate/consultation when the club decided to support the issue of ‘safe standing’.
How was it decided the club would support ‘the drinking of alcohol within sight of the pitch’?