EXCLUSIVE Q&A With Roger Bates - Post Your Questions HERE! | Vital Football

EXCLUSIVE Q&A With Roger Bates - Post Your Questions HERE!


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Roger Bates, the Club's Vice-Chairman, has agreed to do a Q&A with Vital Lincoln City.

Got any questions for Roger? Post them in this thread!


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Given that any new stadium is likely to be some years away at the very least and that capacity will certainly be an issue if we are fortunate enough to be promoted this season. When are the club looking to make any decisions on the feasibility of the expansion of Sincil Bank be it temporary or permanent.


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Roger, is it worth putting outstanding youth players on a full-time pro contract so the club can get a transfer fee rather than the paltry amounts on offer if one of the top clubs comes in and steals them from the youth set-up for peanuts in compensation?


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Following the change of Chairman, and also new people joining the Board, what is the current policy of LCFC regarding a Ground move to Beevor Street as opposed to the redevelopment of Sincil Bank. The previous Chairman seemed to be in favour of the Beevor Street option, is this still the case ?

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How did the design for the home shirt come about ? How much input did the club have and was this input done by committee ? If so, was a bit of everyone’s suggestion catered for, hence the end product of how it looks now.


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Can we expect an improvement in communication with Shareholders under the new set-up? We used to get shareholder report and accounts available 5 months after the year end- in recent years it has been 9.This also compares unfavourably to the much maligned Grimsby town FC who have theirs ready in 6 months after year end. They also have more detailed reporting, as did we several years ago.


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Who sets prices in the stadium catering?
Can water & soft drinks be made much cheaper (£1 or less)?
Would benefit families and likely boost sales & revenues.


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Do you expect the CEO to make sure the Club breaks even this year?

Who owns the Training Ground?

Allocated or unallocated seating at away games?

Could the Club please announce earlier when Away games will be pay on the day? I.e. is when it is patently obvious they will not sell out e.g. Cheltenham, Tranmere, Port Vale, Yeovil etc, etc.


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Is it correct that you can no longer guarantee keeping the same season ticket seat next season by subscribing within the required purchase time? If so what was the thinking behind this?


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Are there any future plans for extra investment coming into the club, be it by people joining the board or by other means?


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Are the club going to sort out the issues for visiting disabled supporters. Nothing seems to have changed since the Chesterfield game.