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Didn't somebody say that Curle left because Carslile were cutting their playing budget, yet they are looking to appoint a general manager as well as a coach. Seems like they've got their priorities wrong and that's without even considering who they are thinking of appointing


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Carlisle isn't a happy club - at loggerheads with fans, poor PR, lack of investment, budget cuts, unhappy players (three so far have rejected contract offers and left), reducing crowds (down 11% last season), unable to attract a viable manager, and so on.

Perfect for Holdsworth, then. He has a little book full of players.


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Holdsworth now odds on favourite.

Carlisle issued a statement today following a tweet from a member of Russell Slade's family claiming he had been appointed. Apparently, Carlisle have not even spoken to him. All very strange!


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Remember James Wesolowski? Not a former Imp, but almost. City had him on trial during the Cowleys' first summer of 2016 but could not agree terms.

He has just been shown the door by Guiseley after 19 appearances in two years.

I bet he wishes he could turn the clock back now.


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Yet another player who appears to be wasting his talent and by all accounts may have 'issues'
Another Billy Knott
If they have issues then an accusation of wasting his talent might be true but may need to be backed up. I perform below my natural level because of my 'baggage'. It used to frustrate the hell out me which just made it worse. I have now learned to accept that I will never achieve what I am capable of but it has been a long and difficult journey with a fair few casualties along the way.
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I know there are circumstances to it, but crazy to think that Arnold and now Knott have dropped to PT.

Correct thing for Knott, though. He needs to get back to playing week in, week out and have time to get the help he needs away from the 'pressures' of FT football.

A change of environment back closer to home will hopefully to the trick and he'll be able to get back to FT football in the next 2 or 3 years.