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Ex-Imps Discussion Thread


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Thought Burton were skint?
They are, but they can't play with 8 players. They will also have received their first EFL payment, now the new season has a start date.

Many existing players have taken pay cuts and signed revised one-year contracts. New signings have been given one-year deals as well, the sole exception being Charles Vernam who was given two years. Looks like the intention is to get through this season as best they can and look at everything again next summer.


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Best of luck to Neal. Good signing for Burton, but I'm confident that we have a really good replacement already in the team with Aaron Lewis.

Hope we can get into grounds in time to give him a proper round of applause when Burton play us next


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I said this last season, but I did think Eards found the step up to Lge 1 a little tougher than probably expected. However, he thoroughly deserves a new club after not being offered one here because of financial implications rather than ability. A committed professional that should always earn a fantastic reception and gratitude from Imps fans whenever we see him play against us. I agree with Scotimp, I think Lewis is a tremendous prospect, and might have got more than the odd game before now. There wouldn’t be a more fitting compliment if Lewis could seamlessly make as good a job at RB as Eards did.

Best of luck Neal.


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Good luck Eardley.

In all honesty, would have been disappointed to see him re-signed as a 1st choice RB.
Could have been an ideal back up given our lack of experience but not sure he would have been happy with that.