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Everton v Newcastle


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I thought the same thing under Benitez - when these players are allowed to go looking for the ball instead of cautiously standing off we look a completely different team

From start to finish that was a performance you could be proud of again


Vital Youth Team
Really enjoyed that most unexpected that’s the best performance I have seen for months. Will it last who knows but will take a much needed win.


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Echoing what many have said great team performance . Where has that been for the past few games ? Everton poor the day mind. Never scouted Newcastle United properly as they didn't try to get Digne and Richarlison in on our right hand side (which has been our weak spot all season) . Wilson was lethal the day and if he hadn't hit the post would have had a hat trick. Miggy the unsung hero as he grafted his nuts off for the side .

It's mad all the misery and disenchantment with this club and a win still has me buzzing and lifts the weekend .


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Good performance as a whole, so credit where it is due. Great to see the team picked up even further when Captain Fantastic went off.

One swallow doesn’t make a summer though, so this effort needs to continue as a bare minimum.
I'm not after an argument or a slanging match - yet again I'm surprised Lascelles gets another negative comment after watching him have a decent game (in my opinion)

What are your reasons for thinking the team improved even further when Lascelles went off?
Aside from Wilson being the obvious man of the match, Almiron and Hayden were not that far behind. Credit though must surely be extended to our full backs in Lewis and Manquillo who both played their part with Manquillo probably being our stand out tackler.

Even the likes of Hendrick played their bit but I guess this isn't hard if they were all played in their proper position for once.


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Difficult to argue against Wilson getting man of the match but I thought Almiron shaded it for his contribution throughout the whole game