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Evan's give away Questions


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Apparently no Gills fans that have been rung up so far have managed to answer correctly!
The pandemic might be over before a Gills fan can answer one!


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Can’t help thinking they should have made the questions a tad easier so that more different fans get each prize.

And why only phone 2 numbers? Both not answered today. They should keep ringing until someone answers the phone surely?

Its not as if they(he) is saving anything. If the question is not answered the prizes double-up for the next correct answer. At this rate, one fan will walk away with all 5 prizes.

Be better to share the love around more I’d have thought.

Sounds like the prizes are well worth winning too. The 2 I have heard are a match ball signed by all players/management, and 2 tix for a watch/wine/dine. Not bad.

But the gripes above are all 1st world problems. Still a great initiative by the club 👏👏


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SE1-Gills, as far as I can remember the first two were -

1. Blackpool away, Charles- Cook came on as substitute, who did he replace?

2. In the league, who was our first clean sheet against?


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Lady did the 2nd said “Donny I think, maybe Bolton”.

I thought she was gonna get it (Bolton) but she chose Donny 🤦‍♀️

The lady posted later on Facebook (or twitter) that she felt a fool looking back cos she actually went to the Donny away game 😂


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4th one today. Easier question (I thought) but they got it wrong again.

Q which Gills player had his 18th birthday this week?

Again, can’t help thinking they should have somehow ensured a prize was won each day. Keep calling till someone gets it right. Can you imagine if the 5th one also gets it wrong and no prizes are given out at all? The “anti” lot will have a field day.

Pity if that happens because it’s been a real feelgood story up to now.


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What was the answer? My first guess is Walsh, as I don’t think we have any others that young in first team squad.


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Yep, Walsh.
The fan said Tucker. Not a bad guess if you don’t know or read social media much.

To be fair that wasnt a hard question. It could only have been one of two. Just a question of whether people remembered the reserve keeper

Fair play to Evan's. He is paying for the prizes make them work for them 😁


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Did anybody win anything?
Yeah. I think they originally had no correct answers. So they did an extra one with 3 prizes up for grabs and Steve ended up giving so many clues they couldn’t fail 😂

Someone won a signed Gills shirt. 2 tix for a show in London of their choice, and 2 tix for an England International at Wembley when they start again. Not bad.