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England v Australia


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3 more runs needed from 18.3 overs. I don't think even Mali's women's team (last 6 scores: 6 all out, 11 all out, 10 all out, 30 for 9, 17 all out and 14 all out) could mess this up from here.


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:party: So glad we made the final .Finally put a end to a Indian bloke a work going on about their wonderful team.
Surprised the indians would be boasting. All the indians i work with (on daily calls with indian IT developers) weren't confident. Particularly against us. Although i think they did expect to beat NZ, which is fair enough. I did also.


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NZ vs Eng at Lords. Home fixture for the Black Caps as we've 100% win rate at the home of cricket in ODI's.
Cricket's coming home, along with the Rugby World Cup.


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Love it. Pleased that the Aussie at work rightly took it on the chin after the stick he'd been giving us. That's Sunday sorted now.


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Contrast that with Kohli's whingeing and whining!
Spot on - he and his lot had a whole World Cup set up for them and they still failed, and moaned as if it was someone else's fault - pitches produced for them, given a week's rest from the IPL which no other team got, over-allocation of tickets to their annoying fans, and even their own crap beer inflicted on supporters at matches (which most of their fans didn't have the good grace to drink). Couldn't have been more delighted to see them fail.


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Just seen that Roy dismissal. He missed that by a foot! No wonder he got reported for having a whinge about it. I agree it was an embarrassing decision.