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England v Australia


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#Aussiebottlers :lol:

How did they lose that? England didn't give up and Aussie went all South African in the last few overs.


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I love it when England beat Australia, but even more so when there are two ball-tampering scum in their side.


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Cant disagree with the comments . The little pommies did well . I wouldn't be suprised if the pommies won all three , i assume its three .

Don't you just love it when David Warner thumps the ball around the ground :fish: . you watch he will probably get to "daddles" now

Sundays game is live on the beeb so i might give that a watch , depend on the weather here on Anglesey . Never stay in for sport if the suns out

As for SA , ah you mean the Rugby World Cup Holders , beating , ah yes some rather whimpish Lions .:wahey::wahey::wahey: