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Whoever has voted tory needs to hang their head in shame. A vote for them is a vote for the homeless, food banks and robbing the poor to entertain the rich.

Nee excuse whatsoever and dont get me started on the establishment's or media's version of Jeremy Corbyn. To think, people say it's bad in North Korea with their state version of the 'truth'. The likes of Ashley will be lording it up tomorrow.

cannot believe the sheer amount of foreigners standing.
Then you had that bloke on the show last night talking about 'we' as the SNP. Can't remember his name, but if he's Scottish I'm from the Moon.
Just not right.
Why not try to change politics in their own countries?
I'm not against any race at all, but why so many?


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As Jeremy Corbyn comes out battered and bruised, Friday 13th brings bad news for those with a tendency to the left. Ritchie is long term injured with St Maximin definitely out for tomorrow. Almiron is also a doubt.

Meanwhile, the temporary leader, known to occupy the centre ground, JonJo Swinson-Shelvey has also suffered a knock and looks like losing his seat in the team.

From the Burnley perspective, Alistair Campbell's lot have appropriately lost 3 games on the spin.
In a political sense, NUFC go into tomorrow's 'election' as underdogs in the shape of Labour. Hopefully the 'performance' isn't overshadowed by the spin off the pitch and the best candidate wins.

With no Corbyn, deputy or other leadership heavyweights, it's up to the others to get the 'policy' across. Just got to work out if it's Rafa's manifesto or Broocey's version of Brexit. We'll find out soon enough.


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Pre election Ruth Davidson had declared if the SNP were to get a total of 50 seats she would skinny dip in Loch Ness on New Years Eve. Such was the surge in interest that all coach tours around the loch for Hogmanay were sold out and voting for the SNP reach a level unprecedented, causing Jo Swinson to lose her seat. I suppose Swinson could always turn up for work on Monday ignoring yesterday's vote in a way that she said she would with the referendum.